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High School Math

A Cooperative Math Agreement allows 11th through 12th grade students enrolled in WWTC career majors to take Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus or AP Statistics. This agreement is approved by the State Board of Education and allows these courses to be transcripted through the student's school to meet high school graduation and Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP) requirements.

All high school curriculum math classes are taught by a Highly Qualified math teacher. All levels and subject areas of high school mathematics are taught using standard high school math textbooks, Learning Management System, computer resources, scientific calculators, graphing calculators, overhead view-screen for TI 84-Plus graphing calculator, and various other hands-on tools and projects.


The Career Advancement Center is available for students to enhance their math skills as well as reading and writing skills. The math instructor will provide a safe learning environment conducive to individual needs of all students. The instructor is available for extra help and will provide any extra practice needed for students.


A portable laptop station is available for research and completing assignments. WWTC mathematics is committed to providing students opportunities to learn using innovation, hands-on projects, extra-help systems, and many other methods to engage the millennial student while delivering rigorous and relevant content.


Instruction includes Mathematics as Calculation, Mathematics as a Field of Study, Mathematics as Modeling Language, and Mathematics as Logical Thought


Learning Activities include in-depth curriculum, hands-on instruction, journaling, and projects.


Graham-Dustin, Hanna, Holdenville, Mason, Moss, Okemah, Weleetka, and Wetumka.

Note: In order for a student to participate in the cooperative math agreement, their home high school must be a participating member. Contact your school counselor for assistance.

Ana Berry, MEd



For more information on the math program call 405.452.5500
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